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child problem solution astrologer

Child problem solution astrologer

Child problem solution astrologer. There are various problems in human life from time to time. Some problems are easily solved but some problems can not be solved even by solving them. For this, the person takes the help of the tantra mantra. But if some precautions are taken while using it, then the solution of all problems comes out easily.

Children are the biggest boons available to humans. Children love their affection and their affection. Two married spouses wish for a child for a few days after enjoying mutual relationships. But some of them do not do this due to complications. All their efforts fail, many medicines and advice have no consequences.

If your marital life is also deprived of children happiness and success is not achieved even after continuous efforts. You can also learn from this astrological report the answers to three important questions related to your happiness and childhood.

Explain your problem in detail. The problem of pregnancy, Child problem solution astrologer giving birth to a child, delay in childbirth, or difficulty in becoming a parent, many craps, difficulty in conception, desire to know the proper time of conception or unclear reason or any kind of untold medical problem Talk in Through the study of Vedic astrology and your planetary vision, our astrological experts will suggest suitable advice and solutions for your child’s problems.

Our astrologers analyze your horoscope along with the horoscope of your life partner and also analyze the question paper based on the question theory and prepare your final report according to them.

If you pay attention to astrology, then there may be a few reasons for not getting child happiness.

1. If the lord of the fifth house is in seventh, then the woman can not become a mother.

2. If the woman is an enemy in the seventh house then she can not become a woman.

3. Even if a woman has Rahu in the fifth house, she is not born.

4. Similarly, when the sun or Saturn falls in the seventh house, the child does not get happiness.

Best Child problem solution astrologer

It is said that any mortal life succeeds only when a child is born from this relationship. But sometimes there are obstacles in the birth of a child due to which somebody’s courtyard remains dry. Generally, such problems are due to health problems, but in spite of being healthy both husband and wife, there is a shortage of children in the house behind which the condition of the planets is not corrected, which you can get through astrology. Can remove both the husband and wife should worship Lord Sri Krishna and in front of Ganesh Ji in front of Ganesh Ji, by lighting the lamp of the country ghee ‘ऊं क्लीं देवकी सूत गोविंदो वासुदेव जगतपते देहि मे, तनयं कृष्ण त्वामहम् शरणंगता: क्लीं ऊं।।” Should chant. Get food for the poor every Monday. There is no doubt that the prayers of the poor always seem to be. This remedy applies to every religion. Both the husband and wife should fast on 21st of Thursday and should be given water in the banana tree. Due to the strongness of the Guru, the effect of the planets that put negative eyesight reduces. Plant mango, amla and peepal trees in the house. The more your mango, amla and peepal trees will grow, your master is strong. And because of being the most powerful planet, all your wishes will be fulfilled.

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