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love marriage

Love marriage problem solution astrologer

Even today, love marriage has become a curse in our society. Love marriage is always seen in a lowly spirit in society when the boy and the girl think about marrying their favorite, then the society humiliates them, they oppose this marriage, the boy and the girl’s family also love marriage Do not allow your permission.

But when the boy and the girl love each other, they cross all the muscles of society and their love increases in holy bonds like marriage. He takes all sorts of measures to make his love marriage successful, which he solves in the process of meeting his love marriage.

If you too love someone and are thinking about making your life together, but you are not getting success in it. You are not getting the support of your society and your family members. You are not doing all kinds of tricks and tattoos. You are tired of taking the mantra, but if you are not able to achieve success then you can take help of our Vashikaran mantra.

Through the Vashikaran Mantra, you can solve the problem of love marriage very easily and you can make your life partner to whom you love.

Vashikaran will solve the obstacles coming in love marriages very easily and quickly, which will not oppose anyone in your family and society will all agree with you, if you do not have any ambiguity in your love marriage, then what is the matter You can make your life successful by getting married to the person you love with the help of Vashikaran Mantra.

If astrologers believe that there are many problems in the horoscope, due to which the marriage of the boy and girl is interrupted, the solution is also explained in astrology. If the astrologer having the right knowledge is consulted, the hindrances in marriage can be overcome in time. Let’s see what are the astrological measures that are capable of removing the obstacles coming in the marriage work.

Today we tell you that if you do, then love marriage can be fully successful:

In the birth chart of any one, there is a zodiac change in the lannes and saptamesh-like the Aries of the Aries, in the horoscope of the mash, the lord of mesh is in the seventh house and the lord of the seventh house is in Venus if he is in the marriage, the best love remains in the husband-wife. Lennesh and Saptamesh together with a good tune inauspicious feeling, there is great harmony throughout life and the relationship will remain pleasant. Similarly, when Saptamesh and Panchamesh combine, there will be intense love in married life.

The more planetary states of all these planetary states, the more they will be found in the horoscopes of both states, the more life, and happiness of the family life will be happier.

Let us tell you that the signs of both the Bride and the Bride are incompatible with each other or more than one planet suppressor. Conceptual harmony is best if there is a mismatch between each other’s horoscope in the Moon. The auspicious planets of both of them are in the same sense, that is, the auspicious planet in one’s horoscope if it is in marriage, fifth, ninth or center and the other also in these expressions. Both the marriage and the zodiac lord are the only planets.

The sum of one’s saptamash is the amount of the second or the amount of both the lord is the only planet. With this excellent coordination, many of the problems that arise in married life are automatically removed.

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